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Almost everyone has a mobile phone. increasingly advanced technological developments make people very dependent on mobile phones, because it makes life easier for people in their daily lives. with a mobile phone that is widely used, it must be balanced with a phone repairs shop. so that users feel comfortable if there is a problem with their mobile phone. for those who still have a warranty period provided by their mobile phone company, then if there is damage they can repair it through the store they bought for free. If the warranty period has passed, you don’t need to worry, because there are many phone repairs shops available . the usual price can be cheaper and faster.

Our Phone Repairs Services by Brand

Phone Repairs Sydney Service that is often needed by Users

Mobile Phone Screen Repairs

The most common thing is the problem of accidentally dropping their mobile phone and causing their screen to crack or even too bad to cause the LCD display to be completely invisible at all.

Phone Screen Repairs Sydney

Mobile Phone Battery Replacement

This problem is often encountered when a mobile phone has been used for more than 2 years. but there are also found batteries that have problems less than 2 years. all back to the user how to take care of their battery.

Phone Battery Replacement Sydney

Mobile Phone Charging Port Replacement

Charging port damaged is caused by many things. here are some of the causes. electrical voltage caused by not original charger, clogged dust, splash water etc.

iPhone Charging Port Repairs

Mobile Phone Earpiece Replacement 

The location of the earpiece is usually at the top of the mobile phone. if this earpiece becomes a problem, the user is difficult to hear when receiving a call or when making a phone call. the voice of the interlocutor was very slow, and it was hard to hear, even there was no sound at all.

Mobile Phone Loudspeaker Replacement 

if there is damage to the loudspeaker then your mobile phone does not sound when there is an incoming call, watching videos will not make a sound, or when you activate the loudspeaker on your mobile phone, there is no sound at all.

Mobile Phone Microphone Replacement

The microphone is a tool for sending sounds, if there is damage then when you receive an incoming call or make an outgoing call the other person will be difficult to hear your voice because it is too slow, or you cannot hear your voice at all.

Mobile Phone Front Camera Replacement

If your front camera has a problem, then you can’t use it to take a selfie photo. there are several possibilities, maybe because your front camera concedes dust so it blur, because of the impact of drop to the floor so that your front camera can’t focus or can’t open the camera lens. You don’t need to worry, you still have other options. still can use the rear camera.

Mobile Phone Back Camera Replacement

Same with the front camera. There are a number of possibilities, maybe because your front camera concedes dust so it’s blurry, because of the impact of drop to the floor so that your front camera can’t focus or can’t open the camera lens. for the rear camera if it is damaged it usually makes the user uncomfortable when the rear camera cannot work optimally because in general the user uses the rear camera.

Mobile Phone Camera Lens Replacement

if the lens from your rear camera is cracked, then it is recommended that you immediately attach the sticky tape to your lens so that it doesn’t get dust. if you get dust on the rear camera, then the camera can be damaged which results in taking a photo on a white background, there is a black dot.

Mobile Phone Power Button Replacement

if your power button doesn’t work. then your mobile phone cannot be turned on, turned off or sleep mode. the need is very uncomfortable for the user.

Mobile Phone Volume Button Replacement 

for volume buttons that don’t work, you can still make low and high volume settings in the settings section.

Mobile Phone Head Phone Jack Replacement 

as well as your head phone jack, if it’s broken you still have other options, using wireless headphones. surely by repairing your mobile phone it will be much more comfortable to.

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