Liquid Damage Phone Repairs

Liquid Damage Phone Repairs Sydney

If you live in the Sydney area or you are looking for Liquid Damage Phone Repair in Sydney. Vones is one of the Best Liquid Damage Phone Repairs shop.Located on level 5 Westfield Sydney shopping center. You can relax and drink a cup of coffee or you can shopping when you wait for your device to be repaired.

In recent years, many phone companies have been producing waterproof phones specifically for high end phones. Is it true that the phone can prevent the entry of fluids? of course this has not been proven 100%. because many phones are expensive and resistant to liquids that are damaged because of the liquid. if that happens to your phone. of course, you will be frustrated. Especially if you have a lot of important data on your phone and you haven’t backed it up.

Liquid Damage Phone Repairs Shop Sydney

Is it Worth for doing liquid damaged phone repairs?

This question is very difficult to answer. maybe yes, maybe no. this is because sometimes the price to repair can be far more expensive than buying a new phone.

if you don’t need data stored because there’s back up or stored in the cloud. then the answer is not worth it. but if your phone data is never backed up and the data is important. then the answer is yes. FYI: for iPhone users, if you have an iPhone that is liquid damaged and don’t need data in it. then you can swap it for a refurbish iPhone or a new iPhone in the nearest apple store.Highly recommend you book online at the Genius bar

For those of you who often do activities with water.The best method for preventing water damage is to take precautions beforehand, using the waterproof case. this way your phone cannot contact directly with water

What are the things that make Phone Liquid Damage?

Many things can cause your phone to get wet. can be due to rain, fell into the swimming pool, fell into the toilet, forgot to take it out from the pants when entering the washing machine, spilled alcohol, water, soup and many other things, other.

The following are tips to prevent more severe damage:

  1. Turn off your phone as soon as possible. do not turn it on until your phone is really dry and safe to turn it on.
  2. Try to dry the exterior phone with a paper towel or towel. if you have a hair dryer you can dry it with it. If you use hair dryer, please be careful not to overheat.
  3. Don’t plug/ charge the phone. This can cause burning, when you phone have a liquid.
  4. Bring it to the nearest repair shop as soon as possible.
  5. Don’t try to turn it on again

VONES offers 2 options for Repair services :

  1. Book online and visit store
    for those of you who live in Sydney or surrounding areas. You can make an appointment online and come to the store. or without an online appointment, you can also walk-ins to the store.
  2. Post your device to us from anywhere in Australia
    for those of you who are busy / can’t travel or who live outside Sydney, you don’t need to worry. We accept Mail in repair service, you just send your Phone to us, after we repair it, we will send it back to you on the same day.

 If your phone is too badly damaged. and the price of repairs is too high. of course, very confused for users to determine whether to repair or buy a new Phone. If the repair isn’t worth it, and you decide to buy a new phone and don’t need repairs, then you can sell your broken phone to us. we offer prices that are quite high from market prices.

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Liquid Damage Phone Repairs