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iPhone battery repair services is really needed for iPhone users. Because in today’s world everyone is very dependent on their iPhone. it would be nice to spend a little time reading our writing before you decide to do an iPhone battery repairs. Happy reading and hopefully useful.

What iPhone users often find problems with their iPhone batteries are:

  • iPhone Battery cannot last long
    After the battery is charged up to 100%. Sometimes the iPhone can only last up to 2 hours, there is a severe case only can last under 1 hour. So, for those who are very dependent on their iPhone, it must be very frustrating. because they have to charge their iPhone several times a day. it is very inefficient if they are traveling
  • iPhone Battery cannot reach 100% capacity
    The battery has decreased capacity in receiving charging power. This is because the battery health is no longer healthy.
  • iPhone Battery cannot save power
    iPhone can only be lit if the iPhone continues to charge. If you unplug it, the iPhone will turn off by itself. This is because the battery can no longer store power. in this case, many users are confused about the reason why their iPhone turn off when the charging are unplugs. Some iPhone users think that their charging ports or their chargers is problematic. but, the problem is that the battery can no longer store incoming power.
  • iPhone Battery Showing the wrong capacity
    Normally we will charge the iPhone, When the iPhone Battery has shown 0%. In this case when the iPhone has just been charged. The iPhone suddenly turns on and shows 50% or even some cases that show 100%. But if you unplug the iPhone from the charger and try to use it, it will only last less than 5 minutes, and the iPhone will turn off by itself. 
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What makes your iPhone battery damaged and doesn’t last long?

Most iPhone users don’t know why their battery is broken and doesn’t last long.
There are several things that our technicians have found about the things you need to pay attention to, in maintaining the health of your iPhone’s battery to last a long time

  1. Excessive Charged
    Charge your iPhone overnight. This causes your battery to stay at 100% for hours. this will cause the health of your battery to be disrupted. It is recommended that you remove the charger if your battery has reached a maximum capacity of 100%


  2. Prematurely Charged
    Your iPhone is charged before there is a notification on your iPhone screen. Your iPhone can notify you if your battery is below 20%. recommended that you charge the battery of your iPhone below 20%, not above 20%.

  3. Using Not an Original Charger
    The original cable and original charger are highly recommended. Because the output power of each charge is different and can interfere with the health of your iPhone battery. If the voltage received from a charger that is not original iPhone is very high, it can cause your iPhone motherboard to become damaged and cannot turn on again.

  4. Use a Power Bank
    for those of you who like to use a power bank, it is recommended that you pay attention to the brand of your bank power and the voltage supplied by the power bank. The electrical voltage that is distributed not to exceed the limit of your iPhone battery. it’s better to buy a power bank brand that has guaranteed quality. surely the price is more expensive for a well-known brand, but you are safe.

  5. Unplug Prematurely During Charging
    It is recommended to unplug your iPhone which is being charged to reach a maximum point of 100%. If it is often unplugged before 100% full, the battery circulation power has been counted 1-time charging. Where each iPhone battery has a charging cycle limit of up to 500 times. So, do not be surprised if there are batteries that can last more than 1 or 2 years. While the others can be under 1 year.

Before you make an iPhone battery repair

FYI: you can also check the health of your battery.
for iPhone users who have an iPhone 6 and a generation above the iPhone 6. 
Using minimum operating software iOS 11.3 or above. You can check the health of your battery. 
You simply go to the settings -> battery -> battery health section

  • Battery health
    In this section you also have a setting feature, a performance management feature that dynamically manages maximum performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns and can choose to turn them off. This feature is activated only after an unexpected shutdown first occurs on a device with a battery that has reduced its ability to produce maximum instant power
  • Battery capacity
    You can check your battery capacity in the battery health section. Where there is a display that shows information about maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability.
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Where can i do my iPhone Battery Repair, how much it costs, and how long?

There are 3 alternatives for your iPhone battery repairs. please see the alternative way below : 

1. Official Apple Store
You can change your iPhone battery at Apple Store. recommended you need to book online first before going there.because apple stores usually serve first for customers who have booked.For how long it takes for a battery replacement at Apple Store, sorry we didn’t know it. because it is determined by how many queues, you are usually notified by Apple Store employees when they receive your iPhone. The following are prices from Apple Store. 

iPhone Battery repair price

For more information regarding iPhone battery repair by apple store. Please check on this link : https://support.apple.com/en-au/iphone/repair/service/battery-power

2. Third party repair shop besides Apple Store
Vones is one of the third-party repair shops in Sydney besides Apple Store which has experience since 2009 and has a good reputation. You don’t need to book for you iPhone Battery Repair ,so it is very efficient for you. our iPhone Battery repair with low prices and reliable technicians so that it becomes fast in replacing your battery. and the warranty period provided is the same as the apple store (3-month warranty). The following prices for changing the iPhone Battery Repairs from Vones:

You don’t need to book for your iPhone Battery Repair ,so it is very efficient for you. our iPhone Battery repair with low prices and reliable technicians so that it becomes fast in replacing your battery. and the warranty period provided is the same as the apple store (3-month warranty).

Phone Battery repair and replacement Sydney

3. Do it your self
For those of you who have experience in the electronic field. then you can replace your iPhone battery by your self. just buy the iPhone battery and the tools needed. You will save money in do iPhone battery Repair by your self. 

NOTE: This not recommended for you do not have knowledge or experience in the electronic field. because if you make a mistake then all the risks and damage will be your own responsibility. 

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