HTC One A9 Battery Replacement

HTC One A9 battery replacement services are really needed for users when their battery has a problem . Because in today’s world everyone is very dependent on their phone. it would be nice to spend a little time reading our writing before you decide to do the HTC One A9 battery replacement. Happy reading and hopefully useful

Mobile phone battery repair


(OEM Quality)

Estimate repairs take 1 hour.
(Please contact us to ensure the availability of the part)

3-Month Warranty after fixed.


5 Things that cause your Battery to Damage Quickly

  1. Charge while the battery is fully charged.
    Many smartphone users have the same behavior when it comes to charging, left in charging from night to morning”.
    The state of the smartphone is 100% full, will this behavior cause the battery to leak or damage?
    Quoted from the source of an Anker company speaker, “Smartphones are indeed smart, meaning that the smartphone is designed inside it has a protection chip installed, which functions to stop the inrush when the battery is 100% fully charged”
    But behind that, there are situations where it charges overnight, it is not recommended because it cannot protect smartphone batteries from excessive heat. Because Li-ion batteries have a weakness against excessive heat.
    Excessive heat in the battery will make the battery oxidize, which will result in shrinking power capacity and shorten the battery’s life.
    If you use a case on your smartphone. It is recommended you take off first when charging the smartphone, you need to pay attention to the air circulation around your smartphone.
  1. The battery is not yet full but has been removed from the charger
    We often find situations when we want to go out, we hastily bring our phone even though the phone is being charged. The habit of removing the charger even though the mobile phone is not fully charged can also cause the battery to damage quickly. because in general the battery used on mobile phones is Li-ion which has a life based on how much the battery is recharged. the more frequent the charging, the shorter the life of the battery.
  1. Using a charger that is not authentic or fake one
    The use of a charger that is not original can make your battery quickly damaged. With chargers that are not original, of course the price is low, because these chargers use inexpensive components and without a standard charger component certificate.
    Especially if the higher amperage charger power, can shorten the charging time so that the battery is full faster, but this makes your battery tend to be shorter, even if severe can cause the battery to expand.
  1. Use it while being charged
    Is it permissible to use it while it is being charged, can it result in a damaged or leaking battery?
    The answer is yes and no. As explained earlier, your smartphone battery is indeed smart.
    It’s just that using a smartphone while being charged will make it hotter, especially if used for playing games. The impact of this heat is what makes the battery short-lived.
    Better to first unplug the charging when you want to use for heavy tasks, such as playing games or calling. This is one way to maintain the durability of your smartphone battery.
  1. Used in hot temperatures
    If you are in hot temperatures, it is strongly recommended that you do not use your mobile phone. because the hot air will increase the temperature of the engine and the phone battery, so that the phone battery can be damaged. if it’s severe the phone will also be damaged too
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Characteristics of a Damaged Battery

  • Battery fast fully charged but very quickly runs out
    Surely many users have experienced this. Your mobile phone’s battery which is fast fully charged but very quickly runs out is caused by the weakening of the battery cell’s ability to store power.
    There are some people suggest to calibrate your mobile phone battery, this is wrong. Battery calibration is only used for Android users who frequently change ROMs.
    Because ROM is frequently changed, usually the Android system experiences data mismatch, between the battery and the system. if this happens just calibrate the battery to reset the mismatch. So many are misinterpreted. calibration is only for ROM problems, but not for repairing battery leaks.
  • Your mobile phone can only be turned on if the charger is connected
    The indicator shows 100% after charging, but when the mobile phone is unplugged it immediately turns off and cannot be turned on. If this happens to you, you can be sure your smartphone battery is no longer suitable for use.
  • Your mobile phone suddenly shuts down when the power is still 50-80%
    Be careful if your cellphone turns off suddenly when the power is still 50-80%. Chances are your android battery has leaked and needs to be replaced with a new one. if this often happens, your mobile phone is not safe, some cases cannot be turned on again even after a new battery has been replaced.
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Where can i do my HTC One A9 Battery Replacement?

  1. Official HTC Store
    You can change your HTC battery replacement at Official HTC Store. recommended you need to book online first before going there.
  2. Third party repair shop besides Official HTC Store
    Vones is one of the third-party repair shops in Sydney besides Official HTC Store, which has experience since 2009 and has a good reputation. You don’t need to book for your HTC One A9 Battery Replacement , so it is very efficient for you. our HTC Battery Replacement with low prices and reliable technicians so that it becomes fast in replacing your battery.
  3. Do it Your Self
    For those of you who have experience in the electronic field. then you can replace your HTC battery by yourself. just buy the HTC battery and the tools needed.

    NOTE: This not recommended for you do not have knowledge or experience in the electronic field. because if you make a mistake then all the risks and damage will be your own responsibility. 

Sony Xperia ZR Battery Replacement

HTC One A9 Battery Replacement Sydney

Vones offers 2 options services to customers:

  1. Book online and visit store
    for those of you who live in Sydney or surrounding areas. You can make an appointment online and come to the store. or without an online appointment, you can also walk-ins to the store.
  2. Post your device to us from anywhere in Australia
    for those of you who are busy / can’t travel or who live outside Sydney, you don’t need to worry. We accept Mail in repair service, you just send your iPhone to us, after we repair it, we will send it back to you on the same day.

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